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Axtin Coffee

Green & Roasted Coffee Beans


Axtin Coffee

Axtin green coffee beans- We source our coffee beans directly from the local farmers in western Rwanda near Lake Kivu region.


Named the land of the thousand hills with its high altitude, green mountains, Rwanda's climate is the perfect setting to grow premium coffee. 


Rwanda coffee is fully washed, unlike most others, which leads to high purity levels, more complex flavor profile and thus a more robust coffee.

A high-quality arabica coffee with notable
a hint of varietal bourbon.


Region: Rwanda-Kivu


Compared in some aspect to Kenyan coffee, Rwanda coffee is often quite a delicate tasting with a pleasantly sweet, caramelly aroma and hints of citrus (lemon, orange).  Rwanda also produces Fair Trade Coffee that Can Help Farmers Break the Cycle of Poverty.

Coffee Matters 


A quality cup of coffee starts from the source.  Rwanda coffee is grown in an exclusive region with very rich fertile soils and adequate rainfall throughout the year. The high altitudes are favorable to achieve high-quality yields every harvest. 

The farmers ensure that every coffee tree gets adequate attention every single day of the year. Once the crop is “red and ready,” the farmer's handpick the cherry beans that are fully developed and loaded with sweetness.  The cherry beans are then washed with extreme care and left to dry delivering a deliberate, full-bodied and sweet flavor. 

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